The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a multidisciplinary, partially residential, academic programme for National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduates. We offer an environment of enquiry, collaboration, and creative discovery. Students learn to engage with ideas and situations, and to challenge themselves intellectually, socially, and personally. Each year, 180 incoming undergraduates join our community of exceptional students. They have the opportunity to explore across disciplines, and to lead and participate in a wide range of extracurricular and overseas programmes.

Since August 2011, the USP includes a residential component where USP students live and learn together in the USP residential college (as known as Cinnamon College) in NUS's University Town. All USP students are expected to fulfill a two-year commitment of living in the USP residential college (Cinnamon College), in their first year and one other.

This is the USP admissions portal, to help prospective students learn quickly about USP, and apply to USP.

If you have any questions, contact us anytime. To learn more about USP, check out our main website at, our Prospectus, or our Facebook page.