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In a typical year, USP organises or supports between 30 and 40 overseas trips. These include:
• Trips to academic conferences to present research papers
• Exchange programmes
• Expeditions
• Field trips related to specific modules

Some of these trips include the following:


Project Himalaya

In May 2006, 24 USP students went on a field trip to explore biodiversity in the Himalayas. They explored issues such as sustainable development, the work of non-governmental organisations, and interdependencies between communities and ecology. The expedition was very popular and similar trips took place in 2007 and 2008, to Sikkim and Central Himalayas respectively.

“During evening discussions, we talked about the tension between development and conservation and how development could take place with ecological sensitivity. We observed and understood the concept of development sensitised to ecology, and how farming methods and agriculture determined the preservation of Himalayan biodiversity.”—Andrew Wang



Since 2006, USP students have gone to Yale University annually on a summer exchange programme themed “Economics, Politics, Philosophy, and Human Relations”. They experienced Ivy League undergraduate life on campus among international students.

“Classes were always delightful—for two to three hours, fifteen or so people annexed one large wooden table and engaged in intense exploration on various topics... This stint is really a dip into American education at its finest.”—Chelsea Wong

“My classes really blew me away... I made friends with people from all over the world and garnered a great deal of alternative perspectives from my fellow summer school attendees, which really broadened my intellectual dimensions.”—Low Hui Ping

Harvard University

30 Jan - 7 Feb 2010
Exchange conference
8 students

George Washington University

15 - 21 Feb 2010
Dialogue programme
9 students

Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka

22 Jul – 2 Aug 2009
USP module study trip
28 students

University of British Columbia

11 May – 12 Jun 2009
Academic summer programme
19 students

China, Hong Kong
Tsinghua University, Chinese University of Hong Kong

8 Jul – 5 Aug 2008
Leadership summer programme
12 students

Thailand, Taiwan
Bangkok, Taipei

13 – 30 May 2009
‘Buddhism in Asia’ study trip
11 students

Peking University Yuanpei College

Sep 2009 – Jul 2010
Cultural immersion programme
3 students

Waseda University

Sep 2009 – Jul 2010
Double degree programme
4 students

The Australian National University

Jan 2009 – Jul 2010
Joint degree programme
4 students

Technológico de Monterrey

Jun – Jul 2009
AcquaSummer programme
2 students

Turkey, Malaysia
Fatih University, University of Malaya

13 Dec 2009 – 3 Jan 2010
Inter-civilisational study trip
10 students

Quang Nam, Danang

7 – 26 Dec 2009
Youth expedition
9 students

Siem Reap, Phnom Penh

19 – 25 Jul 2009
USP module study trip
17 students

Princeton University

21 – 28 Feb 2010
Crisis simulation conference
10 students


16 – 30 May 2008
Conservation and biodiversity field trip
15 students

Tufts University

15 – 21 Feb 2010
International symposium
13 students

South Korea
14 – 17 Aug 2009
Academic conference
1 student

Belgium, Thailand, Indonesia
Brussels, Bangkok, Jakarta

10 – 24 May 2008
EU-ASEAN study trip
13 students

Imperial College London

1 Jun – 24 Jul 2009
Undergraduate research programme
2 students

Yale University

Jun – Jul 2009
Academic summer programme
5 students